Monday, September 17, 2012

The Rudi’s Wrap Review

The Rudi’s Wrap Review: Tomato and Goat Cheese Quesadillas and more.

I have been spouting to everyone to eat seasonally and locally lately. So much so, that I just wrote a nice piece for Rudi’s GlutenFree Bakery where I talk about nutrition and farmers markets (SEEN HERE). Yet in the middle of my seasonal scavenger hunt to the farmers market, I found a package on my doorstep. As excited as I always am to get a package, I rip it open only to get even more excited of the contents. What can get me so excited you ask?...a wrap, that’s what!  I received three nice packages of Rudi’s Gluten Free Bakery’s new wraps from my good friends at Rudi’s to take for a test run, and I couldn’t be any happier.

Yep, wraps are that exciting to me and for good reason. If you are not gluten free, then you may not understand this. If you are gluten free but have no issues with egg or soy then you may still be scratching your head why this is so exciting. So let me put it this way; no eggs and/or no soy equals a dry crumbly, non-pliable wrap. Which to be honest sort of sucks. Let’s just say, there is a lack of quality product out there that are gluten, soy and egg free that are actually good. Luckily, we have Rudi’s to the rescue to end this wrap fiasco once and for all! But will they hold up to the tests? Let’s see.
So what are these tests? In my mind, one of them would have to be pliability. Without this in a wrap you have a dry cracking item that couldn’t even hold up to a piece of lettuce more or less a killer breakfast burrito. And let me just say, when a wrap is crumbling in your hands and all you have left is ham and cheese in between your fingers, the fun and convenience of a wrap is seriously gone, not to mention messy as heck. So a ham, lettuce and cheese wrap with mayo it is for the first test, and I have to say, this product passed this test very easily. Onto test # 2.
Next up, we have the moisture test. We’ve all had a breakfast burrito. They are hot, stuffed to the max with egg and cheese (and whatever else) and can get quite damp due to the high moisture content of the hot eggs and melted cheese. This will turn most gluten free products into mush at this point. So how did the Rudi wrap handle my daughter Gia’s favorite handheld breakfast item with loads of hot sauce? Pliable and still dry to the touch, that how.
Loaded Breakfast Burrito
I have to say, this product certainly brought a smile to my wife and daughter’s face as they remembered the taste and texture of a good wrap, as they have not had a real one in years since going gluten free.

So there you have it, soft, pliable and tasted great. Seems a little of an incomplete review coming from this guy right? bet! No, I am never the one to review a product with the “norm.” Give me crackers, I make matzobrei. Give me gluten free flour mix, I make zucchini pie. So give me wraps and I make what else but, quesadillas.

Consider it another test of the product if you like, and truth be told a serious test at that. A quesadilla is loaded, folded and grilled. Not always an easy task for a gluten free product. Yet again, this product passed the test. It was really a great pleasure to make quesos with them. You really need to run out and get some. If your kids are gluten free, then this product is great for brown bagging it now that school has started.
Killer Quesadilla

USAGE: I have noticed that if used from the fridge, they can become dry and crack. I would suggest leaving them on the countertop after opening. I also suggest zapping them in the microwave for about 15 seconds before using as this seemed to have increased the pliability. When I did this there was no cracking of the wrap no matter what I used it for.
Tomato and Goat Cheese Quesadilla
Check out my last article on end of the summer veggies on Rudi’s Gluten Free BLOG (  link will be up shortly   ) to learn how to oven roast your tomatoes for the Tomato and Goat Cheese Quesadilla (as seen in the picture above). Then just add some goat cheese crumbles, get out a flat grill or a large pan and grill over a medium-low heat until the wrap starts to brown and crisp…it’s that simple.
Well, that’s a wrap!
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  1. Thanks for reviewing our new gluten-free tortillas Paul. It looks like you have them a true test! Glad we passed in all of your categories. Your tomato and goat cheese quesadilla looks divine. Your tip for leaving the tortillas on the counter and a quick zap in the microwave is very helpful. Unlike our sandwich bread the tortillas should last for up to 10 days on the counter. - Maggie, Rudi's Gluten-Free Bakery

  2. I had a blast and a full belly running the wraps through the mill! Thanks for making such great products. We really appreciate it!